Dec 24 2011

Merry Christmas!

To all those that celebrate this time of the year, wishing you and your family the best New Year and a Happy Holiday. ^_^

Dec 24 2011

2 4 1 commission!

Since it’s the season and what not, I figured I’d put up a special commission deal.  Two commissions for one price! $50 will get you two single character commissions. I’ll draw pretty much whatever so contact me via email (joerandel[at] or leave a comment with your request/idea.  I’ll leave this up until just after New Years.  Good luck and happy holidays! ^_^

Just so everything is clear.  This is a one slot available commission and I’ll be picking the slot when I get back from visiting family on New Year Day.

Dec 23 2011

3DS Swapnote

So there is this new app on 3DS called Swapnote. It’s this neat little program that will allow you to send messages and drawings via your 3DS. You can even attatch drawings to your messages. Mix this with the Colors 3D paint program that should be out early next year… maybe I’ll do up some exclusive 3DS smutt. If anyone is looking to friend me, my code is 3523-2038-5290. You’ll have to let me know what your code is too though. On a related note, this post was done on my 3DS.

Dec 22 2011

Quick New Years note

Since we had fun picking the Christmas pic, lets do it again with the first sloppy pic of the year! Last year I wasn’t able to make a first of the year pic. Life gets in the way sometimes. This year I think I’ll be good to go. The last one I made was the Tinkerbell one, which is one of my faves. So let loose the ideas and if I pic yours I’ll send you a high res version too. ^_^

Dec 18 2011

Rough Pinky ans Spike

I post my work over at Pixiv from time to time.  I love naughty anime art and to be able to post where my favorite artist post is pretty damn cool in my books.  So with that, my Pinky and Spike pic has entered some rank system and sits at number 234.  It’s not super high, but it made me smile and I love getting the extra attention.  So as a treat I figured I’d post the rough Pinky pic too.  Yay! ^_^

Dec 16 2011

Christmas with Pinky and Spike

So I went with Pinky this year.  When I was going through the suggestions she stood out as a different enough character to do.  Different… but recognizable.  Lots of other good suggestions too though.  I did plan on doing two this year, but I’ve recently had to pick up some legit freelance work for the season.  Back in Nov. my work cut our weeks down to 4 days rather then cut jobs until January comes along (that’s when new projects start).  Anyway, enough about that (but I’ll do a small announcement later).  My second choice was going to be Random Squirrel.  I was actually quite shocked when people suggested her.  It made me quite happy actually.  If I get some extra time, I might draw here up.  I should be drawing more of her in general. ^_^

Okay, so in previous years, people have mentioned that they like the pics that I do regarding the anticipation of the candy canes.  This year I did the same so after the link you can see just how many Spike was able to fit in Pinky… but I’m sure he’ll try for more.  Continue reading