Jan 25 2012

Erotic Art History

So the other day I got to wondering, how far back does erotic art go?  Which artists in history produced erotic artworks.  I’m sure that this sort of stuff goes back a long way.  I mean, before you could get porn on just about every device out there, if you had a hankering for erotic pictures… someone had to draw them.  Until someone invented the photograph that is.  I wonder how erotic works where viewed way back when.  What was considered a tasteful nude and what was just plain ol’ smut.  What was smut called back then?

I’m going to look in to these erotic artists during history.  I want to know more about them and I’m going to share my findings here.  Once a month (starting in Feb) I’ll be making a post showcasing an artist and some of their works.  I’m very much looking forward to this to be honest.  I think it’ll be fun to learn about this naughty passion that I have and see where it’s been though out history.