Jan 28 2012


So the other day I learned about a movie called Primer.  It’s an indie movie from 2004 and if you like time travel, you’ll probably like this movie.  It’s actually a different look on time travel then most movies.  It’s looked at, like most discoveries, as accidental and totally unintentional.  There’s no crazy scientists or glowing lights and crazy romp though time.  It’s handled in pretty much the way you’d expect one would handle such a discovery today.  I really liked it, but then again, I love time travel stuff.  I do look up a lot on the subject and try to analyze the science and theory behind it all.

Primer is a great down to earth look at the subject of time travel as it’s applied to the regular people who discover it, and try to understand exactly what they have and the moral implications of using it.  I recommend people hunt it down and give it a view if time traveling is their bag.