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New look and feel - We've gotten TJA's store all up to date, as you can see the categories are now underneath the news area. Please forgive our dust as we continue to refine the new look of the store. We've added new features such as signing in with your AOL, Yahoo, Google, and twitter logins! (still adding more as time allows)  And we have a slew of new artists and products in the queue , we're adding new printed comics, prints, posters, and tons of other things to the mix , From new and veteran artists of TJA, and the Artists who work with us alike!

New for 2013:

Two new areas!
Check out our Printed Comics section for great  comic books by various TJA, Pal, and Associated artists.  And coming soon our 3D Printed Resin Statues section. Stay tuned for more!

Sean Blackthorne - Electric Mayhem Rule 34 Portfolio

Recent Additions:
Angry Viking Press and Valkyrie Ink Press , have both joined TJA Productions in our digital downloads section, check out their manufacturers links to the left of the page to see the awesome comics each has to offer at this time. New products will be added regularly , so keep checking back!

Of House of LSD and her own Site have now joined TJA Productions in the digital downloads section, and additional products , such as books, and cd's will be added in the near future!

James M. Hardiman - Digital Portfolio's of the Skunkworks series

Coming Soon :
Joe Randel Tinker Bell portfolio is coming along and he's posted some news and previews on his blog on TJA's gallery section

Opus - Will be releasing "Molly's 18th Birthday" a Talespin comic

   We Accept : as well as Checks and Money Orders in US Currency

A new addition to TJA, is the availability of digital content downloads, for those of you who don't with to have a physical copy of the files.
Shirts, Hoodies, Tote Bags and More!
CD/DVD's from various artists whom work with or for TJA
Printed Comic Books from All of our different artists, in Full Color, and Black&White
Printed portfolios from various artists whom work with or for TJA
Over the years TJA has made a few posters, the ones currently available with be here
3D Printed Statues produced by TJA's own Stereo-lithography printer
Full Color, and Black and White prints by various artists both on and associated with TJA
In here you'll find ways to make donations to TJA/Pal to help us keep going.

New Arrivals

On sale

TJA Pillowfight poster

TJA's 2007 Valintines Poster, designed and sketched by Fluffy, Colored By Dreamer measuring 13x17

Featuring Josephine the site Masoct and CnC Co-Star, Gwen Joe Randel's Bunny GIrl, Scarlet Squirrel from Jive Guru , and Fluffy's own girl  Hanna.  

Poster Ships in a seperate 13x19 Lay Flat Poster Shipper.

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Two Shades of Yellow Comic book

A 32 page full color comic book produced by TJA Productions for PalComix.com . It contains 2 full stories , "Mina's Tentacle Troubles" , a 14 page comic featuring Mina Mongoose and co staring Sally, Amy , Fiona, and of course a tentacle monster. The second is "Tails Study" at 15 page comic staring Tails, and co starring Female Tails, with an appearance by Cream the Rabbit.

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