Update: April 7, 2009. This week, I updated the main intro page as well as posting some new work in the gallery: Kymera Cam

Also, I removed the guest book as it involved pop-ups of some form or another, mostly because I don't believe in them, so I decided to link you all to my forum instead, which is my comic strip forum, but it's pretty much a free-for-all subject forum. Just keep the chatter friendly and decent. If you like my work and want to talk about it (or whatever subject is your fancy), feel free to register and we'll chat it up: Have fun!. THe comic has been published, but the problem we ran into was that the comic was sold out! They're working on more orders for printing currently. Go to Angry Viking Press for more information. Look under the comic titled "Crushed", but be sure to look at the other titles too.


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