Welcome to Mackey's Page on The Jab Archives

We are here to provide you with artwork of your intalectual design at a reasonable price.  You can find all the information about how much commissions cost and how to aquire one on the commissions page.  If you want to watch the process happen, scoot over to the Contact page and check when my stream times are.  If I am streaming you are welcome to come and hang out and have fun watching the magic happen.

As a skim through the commissions page will inform, I do everything from single pieces to reference sheets, icons and even comics.  You can also follow my art on Cats'N'Cameras as my mate and I illustrate the weekly post there.  It is a fun story, full of great shenanigans and hijinx that will keep you laughing as you read. I am also planning a second web comic that will be in the same town, so keep your eyes peeled for characters from that showing up to make their debues.

Mostly though, have fun, check out the gallery, enjoy what you see and pass on the word.  This is here for everyone to enjoy, free of charge and you are welcome to tell all your friends to come have a look too. I love making new friends and gaining new watchers as the business grows and all your support means we will be able to continue producing art for all of you to enjoy in the coming years as we get this show on the road.

I hope to see you all in stream and as the time goes by, I hope I can end up working for you and making your vision come to life as well.


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