Apr 16 2022

It’s been awhile.

Dang… it’s been quite a while since I pulled the sheets back and dusted this place off. For those that have stuck around, I admire your resolve. I have a new picture for you. Just a quick chubby choco bunny for the holiday. I hope you like her.
So what have I been doing, you might be wondering. I haven’t been drawing. Well, nothing naughty. I’ve been trying to up the draw time for my SFW art. I’ve been doing better at giving myself personal time to draw. My wife says I need to do it more. She’s right. Drawing my sexy stuff is still an almost impossible challenge. My kids are always around. In fact, there is only one day during the week where I have time by myself. It’s only for a few hours. Hard to get things done in that span. That’s when I drew this bunny here for all of you.
I’m sorry I’m not around. I’m not really around on any platform. I peek a Twitter, but that’s about it. I am mostly on my Instagram profile, but that’s all the SFW stuff I do. No crossing over I’m afraid (although I do have cute pinup that I draw and would love to show all of you). I have co-workers and family following me there. I think about all of you quite often and feel guilty for not being here. Is that going to change? Probably not anytime soon. As summer starts up, all family members will be home and that means I have zero time alone. I never would have imagined this happening.
There are things in my head that I’d like to do. One is… I don’t want to draw naughty things for money. That is, I’m happy just putting things out there. No asking for commissions or anything. This isn’t my bread money. I work in the art industry and make enough to sustain myself now. So I feel bad asking for support. So I’m just going to draw stuff for fun again.
You know what I’d like to try doing? A proper art stream. I just draw and you listen to me talk about what ever. Over the span of an hour, I’ll draw and doodle and we see what comes of it. I’ll yammer on about things in my life, art tips and the process. I have a Picarto account. Maybe I should give it a try. The thing is, it would have to be like on a Thursday at 9:00 eastern time. Most would probably be at work. Just a pipe dream I guess. Probably more then I can chew in terms of dedication. Kind of like that Discord I thought of starting. Dodged a bullet there. I ain’t got time for that kind of commitment!
So that’s the deal with me. I have no idea when another piece of art will go out. Stick around though and things might trickle out. Maybe. No promises.
So… what’s new with you?