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  • Story Ideas Talking

    I am posting here everywhere so I can find the maximum of help I need. And also give the need to someone with the same problems to be helped.

    Currently, I have TOO many ideas for stories. The kind of, when I see a toon/comic/movie, I just can't resist to research about it, and when I like, made a doc hoping for an idea to come and I write it.
    Then, I decided that what if I share these ideas with you. I mean, I tell you which stuff I am intended to write and which stuff I want to write so I can recieve some help or guidance (or who knows a kind soul writes it for me...)
    That would be useful or would be much mumbo jumbo? Is this a nice idea? Will that make more stories to come? Let's see
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    Well, guess I have to begin here, sorry for the long time

    Let's start with DC/AU ideas here

    **Mystery of the Batwoman Idea**

    It centers in Bruce Wayne taking the three Batwomen (Kathy Duquesne, Sonia Alcana and Rocky Ballantine) to a date to thank them for helping him. And, of course, that date turns into something very STEAMY (MFFF sex)

    **Batman Beyond: Dana/Terry/Melanie**

    Melanie and Dana finally know that Terry dates both. Will they team up for a threesome? Or a catfight turned into lesbian sex? Or both of these? Or any other thing?

    **Batman TAS: Batgirl x Catwoman**

    Based on 'Batgirl Retuns' BTAS episode. What if Babs and Selina's partnership in that ep went to more than just teaming up in criminal fighting? Yes, I meant them doing each other. How hot it can be?

    **Batman TAS/TNBA - Girl's Night Out**

    Another idea inspired by an episode. Remember that ep where Batgirl and Supergirl teamed up to battle Harley/Ivy/Livewire? Let's make a very twisted sexual battle between good and evil then. There will be winners or losers? Or everybody wins?

    **Batman TAS - Harley Quinn/Veronica Vreeland/Random Guy**

    I guess some of you know about my love for Veronica Vreeland. And how I ship her hard with Harley. And this is a follow-up to 'Harley's Holiday' plot where they meet each other and decide to become more than friends. And there is a guy who will get action too!

    **Batman TAS - Maven/Catwoman**

    For those that saw the series (and the ones that do not), Maven is the faithful assistant to Ms. Kyle. What about show if they share a bond as deep as the love and lust for each other...

    **Batman TAS - Summer Gleeson**

    I am having a few ideas scouted for this reporter. Maybe a scoop involving her to go into a sex ring or her having to take part into a dirty TV show or even her trying to use her sex skills to get what she wants (can be many stuff)

    **Batman Beyond - Mary McGinnis lesbian stuff**

    Probably has to deal with Dana and Max enjoying Terry's mom. Dana ends up having it first, then reveals it to Max and they decide to go further to enjoy the MILF

    **DCAU Lesbian Tales**

    A DCAU version of 'Scoobyuri', if I can tell. Lurid lesbian tales about the DC ladies from all (or almost) all) series. Or even we can add a guy or two if the opportunnity arises

    **Justice League - Wonder Woman/Hippolyta/Aresia**

    The rebel amazon decides to wage war against Hippolyta and Diana. But there is a peace treaty in the run. And it might include something to appease Aresia's fury

    **Justice League - Queen Audrey/Wonder Woman**

    To satisfy the ones that ship these two, why not them dating in Paris? The City of Lights become City of Sapphic Love with these two in heat

    **Justice League Unlimited Huntress/Black Canary**

    My favorite DCAU ship cannot be discarded ever. Maybe one idea where the two have to team up and get in heat or them deciding to have each other after dumped by their men... any saucy idea works for having them lick each other

    **Justice League Unlimited - Grudge Match related episode**

    Remember that JLU ep when the ladies had a major fight? What if Roulette decided to spice up the things with a lesbian (at most) sex club with all of these ladies? And what if she joijs as well? Many possibilities with this one

    **Superman TAS - Mercy Greaves/Lois Lane**

    How about Miss Lane trying to get a scoop about a Luthor's plan but ended up caught by Mercy? And she decides to have some fun with her new 'friend'? Well, I just have naughty thoughts with these two together

    **Superman TAS - Maxima/Sazu**

    Sazu is the loyal (even if she betrayed her for a while out of love) counselor of Maxima. Since this kind of relation is a fodder to me imagine naughty things, you can do the math

    **The Batman - Catwoman/Batgirl**

    I am not much fan of this series, but I found out that writing a story about Batgirl (who will be adult in this) and Catwoman's versions in this would be interesting. Babs/Selina is something you cannot miss at any kind

    **Wonder Woman idea**

    A 'vague' idea related to something in Diana's sex life. I don't know how or with who but I guess that the best amazon ever needs to get some fun.
    A Bicurious Guy Who Loves Girl-Girl Love

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      Now the Disney ones
      Did not thought much on that, but I wonder that must have Jasmine and Sadira (that street rat tha feel for Al in the TV series). And perhaps spells, lesbian sex and a threesome with the King of Theves
      Atlantis - The Lost Empire
      Helga Sinclair manages to have Kida and Milo as 'hostages'. But her plans might go awry if lust takes over the place...
      Treasure Planet
      The incestuous love of Jim and Sarah Hawkins is discovered by Captain Amelia. Well, if she did not wanted her piece of the pie she would be crazy, wouldn't be?
      When Rebecca Cunningham decided to go to that spa, she didn't know she was about to learn the good taste of having sex with another woman. Let alone six women!
      Beauty and the Beast
      The lesbian love between Belle and Babette, the maid. Well, do you wanna know more about the girl who appears in the end of the movie? Well, then you will see
      Black Cauldron/Quest for Camelot crossover
      Yes, I am more than aware that Quest for Camelot isn't a Disney movie. But when I first began deeply to go into hentai, Eilonwy and Kayley were the ones I like the most. So, why not a crossover?
      Focused at the follow up movie 'Dreams Come True'. Cinderella tries to give their stern 'helpers' a little bit of fun. Of the sapphic kind
      Elena of Avalor
      The life and loves of Doņa Hortensia Paloma. A wealthy woman that has her fair share of loves... including the princess!
      Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
      The forbidden love of Snow White and Grimhilde. Or: everything you knew about Snow White was not much the truth.
      Sleeping Beauty
      And there it goes another forbidden love session. Aurora/Maleficient. But we are to focus in the cartoon one and not in the movie with Angelina Jolie
      Kim Possible
      I don't know how to work, there are TOO MANY ideas. If anyone could help me with that...
      Great Mouse Detective
      Miss Kitty Mouse, from dancing to sailors in seedy ares to the biggest (sex) star of London. Learn how she went up in her career with this saucy tale
      A thressome with Pocahontas, Nakoma and John Smith? Well, if you stop to think about, this was more than expected, right?
      Legend of Tarzan - Lady Waltham
      Lady Waltham returns to the jungle for revenge. And aims on Jane Porter. But when lust takes over, the revenge plans can backfire. But the sex will be gorgeous to see
      Something between Mulan and Mulan II. Probably has Mulan screwing those princesses. Plus, her family, Shang and other people might join as well
      Legend of Tarzan
      Eleanor comes alone to the jungle to confess her love for Jane. And Jane has her own confessions to her...
      A Bicurious Guy Who Loves Girl-Girl Love

      Check My Stories at the Writer's Lounge - Soon More to come!


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        Definitely good story.
        Independent Escorts in Aerocity