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Brutus here....

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  • Brutus here....

    So, i finally realized this forum existed.... and at first i was happy to see someone keeping this kind of forums up, then i realized there's barely been a post here for years, so i dunno if there's much reason to bother even introducing myself here. Well, i'm Brutus, if you know me from any other similar forums before.... then i guess you know me from similar forums before! Not much more to say for now.... maybe i'll be participating a bit more if this actually turns out to be active.

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    Hi there! How's it going with you?


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      ....i'm not sure i know who you are? Did you go by any other names before?


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        Originally posted by Brutus View Post
        ....i'm not sure i know who you are? Did you go by any other names before?
        I've always been Pookie (some places PookieArt). Just saying hello. I post here, too. Even though there aren't many posters here, I still prefer posting message boards like this.


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          Welcome, wish I could tell you it was more active. :-/
          Cheetah - TJA Productions


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            How's it going with you?
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              As a friendly greeting, I've always been known this kind of bulletin board is my favorite, even though there aren't many users.
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