Aug 21 2015

More Sexy Rakka

The last time I posted up a picture of Rakka I ruffled some feathers. Some people over at Tumblr got quite miffed that I draw something from their fandom. I mean no harm with what I draw. I was quite shocked to say the least. I wonder if it will happen again?

Aug 17 2015

Isabelle Taking Dictation

I missed out on all the Isabelle drawing when Animal Crossing came out. So I was quite happy when someone suggested her as a request. I guess you could say she’s ready for dictation. Zing!

Aug 13 2015

I Told You, It Ain’t Gonna Fit!

A request this time was for someone’s feisty warrior chick, thus proving that I don’t just draw cute things all the time. ^_^

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Aug 9 2015

Iridessa Threesome

Here I am, making the rounds again with a new fairy pic. Supporters wished to see more Iridessa and so I delivered this number with Clank and Bobble too. As much as I like these two, I really should toss in some Fairy Gary too. I’m sure there are other dude fairies to include in these but I really like the ones that seem like they’re a little awkward. That’s what I go for. ^_^

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Jul 12 2015

Merida Being Knotty

Oh my… what have I drawn this time. A certain supporter over at the Patreon has given me full permission to draw what I wished this month, so I went the full distance. Both of us are very pleased with the out come. On a serious note, I think I draw my best and closest rendition of Merida yet. For those interested in her being less knotty, I have that as well.

Jul 3 2015

Iridessa in the Sun

Ahhh… to have the warmth of the summer sun shine down on you. ^_^

This is the first I’ve ever drawn Iridessa. She’s one of the fairies that doesn’t get much screen time which is a shame. I do like her a lot. I hope you all do too.

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