Sep 28 2014

Tinker Line Work

I took some time to clean up one of those rough Tinker pics from some time ago. I haven’t really been drawing enough Tink as of late so I hope this fills the void. ^_^

Sep 24 2014

Gorgon Commission

I’ve had a commission here in my collection that I’ve yet to put up. I guess now would be a pretty good time to do so. Some one out there ordered up on Minotaur and one Medusa getting frisky! ^_^

Sep 22 2014

Meet Nimue

One very cool thing that happened in the past week, is my Chris Sanders Nimue statue came in! I was so happy when it showed up. It was taking some time and I was starting to get worried. But then I received a personalized email saying my statue was on its way! Woo!! I’ll share with you the unboxing pics I took so you can see what she came with.

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Sep 21 2014

Long Time Gone

Hey, wow… it’s um… been a while. The summer sort of got away from me and with that so did my drawing time. Sometimes life and family must to take precedence to drawing porns. It usually happens in the summer time so I shouldn’t be too surprised. That’s when there are lots more visits and gatherings both at my house and at others. this summer was especially busy to say the least. Biggest event (which took up most of the summer) was moving the in-laws to a condo from a house. That means you have to go through 30+ years of stuff you’ve acquired and decide what you want to take with you and what you can do with out. It’s not a fun job, but it’s easier when there is family there to help you out.

There is one thing that pertains to art that has slowed me down though. Over the past while I’ve applied to be apart of art collections, shirt designs and other artistic endeavors. It’s something that I very much would love to do. Seeing my art in proper print format would be fantastic! Sadly, I’ve yet to be accepted and it’s bumming me out. I watch other artists that I follow get involved with these projects with ease and go on to create great works. Plus they get the chance to be involved with some excellent talent. It’s very much something I’d like to do, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Either with my naughty arts or my proper safe for work art. For some reason, this is a sticking point for me. A hurdle that I just can’t get past. I’m trying not to let it get me down too much. It was suggested by a close friend to draw some of my old characters and just have fun with it. He even passed me an idea. I’ve taken it as far as the rough version and I’ve put it up to share, because I like it when artists share rough work and it’s something I don’t do enough of.

That’s pretty much it for now. Sorry to have been away for so long and thanks for being patient. Oh, I forgot another reason that art time has gotten shorter. I bought Dr. Luigi for the Wii U and my wife has turned in to fanatic! We’ve had so many Dr. Luigi/Mario 2 player battles it’s crazy. My wife doesn’t play games so I welcome any time she wants to partake in my hobby. Who can say no when the wife wants to play Dr. with them. ^_^

Jul 20 2014

Sawyer Commission

Finished up a new commission. Sawyer from Cat’s Don’t Dance this time around. I sure don’t draw her as often as I should. When ever I do, I’m reminded how adorable she is. The over all shape of her is also quite easy to draw. Very pleased with how this turned out. I tried something different with the lighting and I think it worked out quite well. Of course, doing a messy pie version helps keep this high in my books as well. ^_^

Jul 15 2014

Donkey Boy – Complete!

I think this might be my first finished male pic. I don’t think I’ve ever done one before. I quite glad to have taken on this commission, it turned out very cute. For the record, I’ve never been opposed to doing male or male/male pics. I draw lots of vaginas because that’s what I like, but if others out there wish to have male commissions done, you don’t have to shy away. Wangs are always welcome. ^_^