Apr 20 2016

Thing Lends a Hand

Now here’s a request out of left field. Wednesday Addams from the Addams family have some special time with Thing. As odd as this one was, I just love the end result. I think I captured Wednesday’s neutral look well… but you just know she likes it. Props to the Patreon requester for this one for sure.


Apr 15 2016

Alone Time with Bellwether

Did you know that bellwether is an actual term? It’s the name of the sheep that is considered the head of the flock and typically wears a bell. Just a fun fact I learned as I did some research on this Bellwether request pic. Gotta make sure I know all the ins and outs on the characters I draw. ^_^

Apr 7 2016

Tinkerbell and Kit

Look! It’s Tinkerbell and… ??? No, this isn’t a fairy of my creation. This is Kit. She was a part of the Pixie Hollow online game a few years ago. You can also see her in the back ground of the Pirate Fairy (I think). She was the requested fairy for this months Patreon. I gotta say that I totally approve! It’s fun to bring out the lesser known fairies. ^_^

If you think you’d like to help choose what gets drawn next, come on over to my Patreon and be a supporter. The lowest level gets you access to all the rough pictures and a voice in what will be drawn next. You can help pic the pose and you’re free to give feed back during the process to help make the art awesome. Plus, you’ll totally rock my socks. Thanks to all the supporters out there!

Mar 21 2016

Duck Boobs

Last character request out of the Patreon pen would be no other than Morgana Macawber. I remember watching Darkwing Duck all the time when I was a kid. Gosh, I seem to have forgotten most of the characters though. Looking up ref pics really brought me back. Good times. ^_^

Mar 17 2016

Sylvia Marpole

Here’s a rarely seen character. Sylvia Marpole! She’s Goofy’s love interest in An Extremely Goofy Movie. Thanks to the supporter that suggested her for one of this months requested pics.

Mar 14 2016

Judy Hopps – Carrot Pen Pleasure

Requested again from a Parteon peep, it’s everyone favorite bunny Judy Hopps. This time having some extra fun with that carrot pen of hers. I should try drawing some of the other characters from Zootopia. They all have such a wonderful design to them. ^_^