May 12 2015

Patreon Request – Merida and Angus pt2

Oh my… what have I drawn this time. Such naughtiness.

May 8 2015

Patreon Request – Rakka

Sometimes a request will come in for a character I don’t know. That’s always a fun challenge. The requester will know who this is obviously, but now I have to do some research to make sure I pick a right pose. I love doing stuff like that. Because to me, it’s more then just slapping down a sexy pose. I want to make sure they’re not doing something that’s too out of character. Unless that’s what’s asked of course. This here is Rakka and she’s from a series called Haibane Renmei. I hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Joe’s Patreon

May 4 2015

Fawn and Nyx

The next in the fawn series is up and live now! The supporters over at the Patreon had a nice hand in this one. Suggesting that I replace Tink with Nyx. For those not in the know, she’s the character that is opposite of Fawn in the latest Tinkerbell movie. The both clash and butt heads, but here it looks like they’ve put aside their differences. Thanks for the great idea everyone!

May 1 2015

Patreon Request – Phoebe Panda

Couldn’t resist passing this requested pic around from the Patreon. The owner was very pleased with it and I am too. Nothing better the giant panda boobs. ^_^

Apr 22 2015

Snack Swap #002 – MEXICO!

Last summer I was contacted by someone who wished to take part in my ever popular (not really), but rarely seen Snack Swap! Just to bring others up to speed, Snack Swap is an idea I had some time ago where I will swap Canadian candy and snacks with those around the globe. It started when I moved to Montreal and found that some of the treats you could get were different then in my home province. Not really thinking that snacks would be different so close to home, I got wondering what junk food is like in other places. What kinds of chip flavors to others get and so forth. So far I’ve done only a few of these and they’ve been from different parts of the U.S. so to get one from Mexico was quite a treat. I also must put forth a huge apology to the trader for not putting a post up about this when the exchange took place. It was an EPIC trade and they deserve full props for what they sent. So without any more delays… lets’ get to it.

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Apr 21 2015

Sick Today

So I’ve come down with the flu. Ugh… Had to call in and miss a day of work too. I guess I’ll try to relax with some hot chocolate and try and kick this thing.