Mar 3 2015

Patreon – February

Second pic from my Patreon and things are going quite well. This time the chosen character was the ever classic Rebecca Cunningham from Tail Spin. This was picked by the supporters and her pose was voted on as well. If you think your interested in helping to support more art like this, then swing on by! A slot for in the request pic tier has opened up and supporters also got to see the non messy version too.

Joe’s Patreon

Mar 2 2015

Learn About Me Monday – Who Is This Guy?

Hey everyone! Once upon a time I used to make posts everyday regarding me, my daily life and such. I miss doing that, but at times I felt like things were a little forced or I might have been starved for a topic. So, what I think I’m going to do is start up a post tread called Learn About Me Monday! Every Monday (hopefully) I’m going to make post that lets you in on who I am or what I do… or have done. There might be lots of people here that might be new to who I am so this will help bring them up to speed and maybe be a fun read. I’ll try not to make these too long.

So… hello there, my name is Joe Randel. Truth be told, that’s not my real name. I devised it up a long time ago so I could draw my internet porn in secret. How long ago? I’d say close to 15 years ago. Yup, I’ve been drawing naughty pictures for 1 1/2 decades! I’ve actually been drawing toon porn since I was 12 or 13. When you are a horny kid and you realize you can draw your own porn… man… you go for it. I’ve always been interested in the human body, especially the female side. I remember that all I wanted to do was see a vagina, but until that time I knew all I could do was draw them. I started drawing Betty and Veronica pics for myself and then branched out in to Babs Bunny, Gadget Hackwrench, Rebecca Cunningham and such. It wasn’t long before I read in a Comic Scene magazine an article about Omaha the Cat Dancer. I saw that and realized that was totally my jam. An adult comic about a cat girl strip dancer? Yes please! Time passed and I sort of stopped drawing that stuff, but when I got to college and my first computer I saw that others were drawing toon smutt too, I decided I wanted in. Cheetah here at The JAB Archives gave me a home for my art and has ever since. So if you’re looking for a back log of my art you can always find it here. Anything that gets put up on other sites gets archived here. Since then I’ve drawn all kinds of characters. I’ve made my own originals, but I really love to draw popular established characters. I guess because that’s where all this stems from.

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of artists come and go. I’ve slowed down over the years too, but I still love to draw sexy art and don’t see me going away any time soon. So, that’s a quick run down of me with regards to what I draw and why. If anyone has any questions regarding this, feel free to ask.

Till next week everyone. ^_^

Feb 25 2015

Legend of the Neverbeast GET!

One of the Tinkerbell tumblrs I follow found and posted a link to an uploaded streamed version of the new Legend of theNeverbeast movie. I of course ran over and downloaded it but I’ve yet to watch it. The movie doesn’t get released until March 3rd and so I’m waiting till then to view it. I got it because I really want a digital version and sometimes the one I get doesn’t have a code for one. I am super excited to fully scope out the new Fawn and scout fairy designs though.

Feb 23 2015

Infinity Panties

Of course I own Tinkerbell for Disney Infinity and of course this is the kind of picture I would take of her.

Feb 18 2015

Artistic Motivation

Someone over on Tumblr asked me an art related question. I feel that it’s important to share knowledge so I’m posting it here too.

Anonymous – I’ve been drawing off and on for years, and still, I feel as though I don’t know where to begin. I’m struggling with art and I want to get better at it, as well as become more motivated with it. Is there any advice you can offer in hopes to get past these issues?

Wow, such a serious question Anon. Well, there are so many possible answers to all those questions, but I can only give my personal out look. I’ll do my best  with this but remember, what I do to keep motivated might be different for you.

Let’s start with not knowing where to begin. That can be tough. It’s really a mix of goals. One side has what sort of things you want to draw and the other is the technical side of it. Knowing the kind of art you want to do will help you to start. It doesn’t have to be anything super specific. It could be something like “I just want to draw cool ass robots” or “I want to draw/paint like my favorite artist because I really like what they do”. Both are totally fine places to start. The other is the technical. If you want to draw those cool robots, then look up what robots look like. Look at what machines look like. Use pictures as reference and examples. There is no shame in using ref. I’ve been drawing for decades and I still use ref. My animation instructor in college told us “how do you know how to draw something if you don’t know what it looks like”? You can use this with regards to your favorite artists too. Look at their work, study what they do. I do that all the time with the artists that I admire. It’s the best way for me to understand what others do and how they work.

Getting better is easy… and tough. Just draw. Draw all the time. Draw everything. If you don’t know what to draw at any given time. Draw your own hand. Study that hand. Some say that hands are the hardest things to draw and yet they fail to realize that they can study the one they have at end of their arm. Don’t feel like everything you draw has to be original. Drawing the most common used ideals and visions of things is good. Take a pirate for example. Draw what you know a pirate looks like. Then sketch him/her again based on what society thinks a pirate looks like. Get those out of your system first. Once you’re past them, you can expand on those designs.

Being motivated can be the most difficult. You have to want to push yourself and look at your skill level and know that you can always grow from where you are. But don’t get angry or upset at what you can’t draw. That negativity can be crippling. Understand that not every drawing you do will be awesome. Just have fun drawing your cool ass robots and exploring your own ideas around that theme. Having fun is the most important aspect. If you’re not having fun, then walk away for a bit. Drawings will always wait for you to come back. When you do come back, look at what you’ve done with fresh eyes and understand where you might need to improve and what you like about your art. It’s easy to be hard on yourself, but you also have to be your best fan too.

Finally, understand that it can take a long time to get to the skill level you want to be at. You have to keep at it. Don’t be down on yourself because you don’t think your improving quickly enough. Don’t compare your art to others, but learn from them to help you grow. You’ll be frustrated at times. We all feel that way at some point. What I do is go back and study the artists I truly admire and try to understand what they do. Most of all, you have to love to draw. Love to draw and improve. I hope all that helps. It can be hard to stay motivated, but if you just keep drawing those cool ass robots and have fun doing it, you’ll be alright. ^_^

Feb 14 2015

Feel Da Groove!

Just finished up an original pony commission and I thought I’d show her off. Pretty cute I’d say. ^_^