May 28 2016

Nameless Egyptian Kitty

I was happy to be given the opportunity to keep working on the design of the Egyptian kitty through one of my Patreon supporters. I can’t say thank you enough for that. I do like what I’ve done so far with her. Hopefully, I can continue to explore this character and turn her in to a regular. I guess I might want to think of a name for her. ^_^


May 21 2016

Snack Swap #003 – Call Out!

Okay people, I want to do another Snack Swap for this summer. What is a snack swap you might be asking? It something I thought up a few years ago. What happens is this… if you’re interested, you can contact me and let me that you want in. Then we both buy up a bunch of snacks and we mail then to each other and enjoy. The whole idea is to try different snack and treats from different areas of the world. It’s lots of fun. If you send me snacks from your area I’ll send you some from where I live… Canada! Woo hoo for Canadian treats! So if this sparks your interest, sent me a message and we’ll get down to business. Here’s the catch though. I would love for you to live some place outside of North America. Last time I did a swap with someone in Mexico and it was awesome! So I’d like to try other worldly treats. Here are the previous swaps I did so you can see how it all works. ^_^

Snack Swap #001 – America!

Snack Swap #002 – Mexixo!

May 18 2016

More Crysta

Someone from the Patreon requested more Crysta. I’m happy to oblige of course. How can you not want to draw more of her. Plus I like drawing characters that get little screen time or have become forgotten. ^_^


May 6 2016

Crysta from FurnGully

Ahhh FurnGully. I remember Crysta mostly… the rest of the movie is a bit hazy. For those too young to know who this fairy is, I’ll bring you up to speed. She was a main character from the movie FurnGully: The Last Rain Forest. The film came out in 1992 and was mostly done to raise awareness of the plight of the rain forests in South America. Years later, I mostly just remember that she was pretty damn sexy. Apparently, others remember that too because she was the Patreon requested character for the month of April. I couldn’t be happier with this one. I adjusted my painting technique and I just adore the results.

Interested in seeing more? Stop by my Patreon and check out what on the drawing board.


Apr 20 2016

Thing Lends a Hand

Now here’s a request out of left field. Wednesday Addams from the Addams family have some special time with Thing. As odd as this one was, I just love the end result. I think I captured Wednesday’s neutral look well… but you just know she likes it. Props to the Patreon requester for this one for sure.


Apr 15 2016

Alone Time with Bellwether

Did you know that bellwether is an actual term? It’s the name of the sheep that is considered the head of the flock and typically wears a bell. Just a fun fact I learned as I did some research on this Bellwether request pic. Gotta make sure I know all the ins and outs on the characters I draw. ^_^