Apr 17 2014

Commission – Pony Dreams

Just showing off a recent commission.  I guess it’s hard not to day dream of big pony cock during in the middle of ones day. Hopefully she doesn’t get too distracted. ^_^

Mar 24 2014

Clean Tink

Just posting the clean versions of the two commissioned Tink pics. ^_^

Mar 23 2014

Internal Tink

Another request for a Tinkerbell commission!  Yay!  I can say how happy it makes me to these up for people.  I’ve been getting great response for the Fairy Fantasies folio too.  People have been even asking if I’m going to continue and do more with the other fairies.  I certainly want to.  I love drawing them so, and I love that others love them too. ^_^

Mar 19 2014

Cheery Teacher

I had the opportunity to design a pony body pillow cover.  Sadly, I don’t believe it will go to print.  I didn’t want to hide it away so I decided to share it with the fans.  If it does end up getting made, I’ll be sure to let you all know. ^_^

Mar 5 2014

Fairy Facial – Commission

My Fairy Fantasies must have struck a chord with people because the first commission request I got was for a super messy Tink!  Well how could I say no?  It’s quite possibly my two most favorite things all in one. ^_^

This would fit in pretty well with my Fairy Fantasies folio up in the Jab Archives Shop.  If Tinkerbell and friends get you all hot and bothered, you might want to check it out.  Helping to support such projects will make doing more in the future a bit easier.  If you have bought one already though, I can’t thank you enough!  You’re a super star!! Do be kind and leave a rocking review of it and don’t forget to share and tell your friends. ^_^

Feb 24 2014

Fairy Fantasies Is Up For Sale!!!

After such a long time, my Tinkerbell folio is done and up for sale in the Jab Archives Shop!  I know lots of you have asked when it will be complete, well today is finally the day.  Here are the full details on what is included in the package.

  • Two different sections, Tinker Fairy and Water Fairy at 10 pages each!  20 pics total!
  • Lots of alternate pictures for messy fun!
  • Included themes -  straight threesome sex, lesbian sex, facials, cream pies, fisting, and more!
  • Entire folio includes over 40 pics at only $15.00!

You can find it over at the Jab Archives store and can purchased with various payment methods.  I do hope that everyone enjoys it.  I know I loved drawing it all up!  Thank you to all that have helped and supported me through this project.  You guys are awesome!!