Jul 20 2014

Sawyer Commission

Finished up a new commission. Sawyer from Cat’s Don’t Dance this time around. I sure don’t draw her as often as I should. When ever I do, I’m reminded how adorable she is. The over all shape of her is also quite easy to draw. Very pleased with how this turned out. I tried something different with the lighting and I think it worked out quite well. Of course, doing a messy pie version helps keep this high in my books as well. ^_^

Jul 15 2014

Donkey Boy – Complete!

I think this might be my first finished male pic. I don’t think I’ve ever done one before. I quite glad to have taken on this commission, it turned out very cute. For the record, I’ve never been opposed to doing male or male/male pics. I draw lots of vaginas because that’s what I like, but if others out there wish to have male commissions done, you don’t have to shy away. Wangs are always welcome. ^_^

Jul 10 2014





It’s that time of the year to take off to the wilderness and pitch a tent. Truthfully, I don’t care for camping, but I do it every year because my family loves it. This year I’m dog sitting while everyone goes to the beach ( I don’t like the beach ether) and catching up on some reading, playing a new game and drinking some Nazi pop/soda. Trivia time!! Why is Fanta a Nazi drink? I hope everyone’s having a swell time in civilization. ^_^

Jul 3 2014

Random Pin Up – Complete!

Another commission in the bucket!  Woo!! Wait.. there’s no sex in this one. Nope! There sure isn’t! While I do usually get called out to draw hot sexy time with lots of fluids, I do get asked to draw straight up cute and sexy from time to time. With this one being of my Random Squirrel, there was no way I was going to turn it down. Boobs and vag are always welcome, but hot, sexy, pin ups will always be the top of my list. ^_^

Jun 26 2014

Father’s Day!

Dad’s Day came and went earlier this month but I figured I’d make a post about what I got from my family. I didn’t get much, but that’s okay because I don’t see Father’s Day as a gift grab sort of day like, oh… a wedding day. My family took me to a huge used game shop in Milton, about an hour away from where I live. I loved looking through all the old games but I kept myself reserved about what I bought. In the end I walked away with The Little Mermaid the NES. A game I remember in a Nintendo Power a long time ago and always wanted to try. It was fun. Kind of short and easy, but it made me very happy to play it and add it to my collection. Skyward Sword also came home with me seeing as I’ve yet to play it and can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Also, my wife got me a little Tinkerbell figure because she knows how much I loves me some Tink. My family rocks. ^_^

Jun 24 2014

Commission – Donkey Boy

I can honestly day that I’ve never drawn this pose before.  I’ve also never drawn a just a male pic before (I love vaginas too much). That I can remember anyway.  I think it’s a pretty big honour to have some one trust me on such a picture. So far, I like what I’ve done and I’m excited to see it come out in the end. (zing!)