Jan 25 2015

Things I Didn’t Buy on Vacation

So while I was on vacation at Disney world I saw lots of things that I didn’t buy. Partly because I’m cheap, partly because I didn’t really see anything that I wanted to take home. You see, they don’t really market Tink stuff to guys so I really have to look to see if there is anything I really want to bring home. Usually I’m overly picky on looks, meaning the character can’t look off model. If they do I usually walk away. Not before I at least take a picture. These are some shirts that had some nicely draw Tinks. Especially, the one on the right. Pretty damn sexy. want to see other things I didn’t buy? Follow the link and see.

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Jan 17 2015

Disney Vacation!!!

So last in December of 2014 I took my family on a vacation to Disney World. This is our third trip to Disney, but the first time we’ve ever been during the holidays. We weren’t over there for Christmas, just the beginning of the month. I took lots of pics and if your interested, just follow the link and check out some of the things I saw when I was there.

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Jan 15 2015

Patreon Rough

Hey everyone! Just popping by to remind people of the Patreon I have up and running. I’m currently working on the above pic and it’s going so well! I held a mini suggestion raffle to see what the first piece would be, picked one and ran with it! It’s going so well that I think I’ll continue to do this for future pics too.

People have also asked if things will get posted once they are done and yes, finished pics will also go up once complete. Members of the Patreon have just opted in for high res copies, PSD and other such things… like pic or character suggestions. Well, it’s on to painting this one up. Should be done soon. ^_^

Jan 1 2015

Patreon Activate!

Last summer I said that I wouldn’t be starting a Patreon. I’m a liar.

My main concern back then was that I would be locking up my art behind a pay wall or giving myself more work then I could handle. I knew that if was to take the jump in to a Patreon, I couldn’t let those fears happen. After looking around I found the best way to give this a shot. My Patreon will run on a per finished piece support system. I’m unable to create massive amounts of content like some artists, so this way people aren’t getting charged for time I’m not arting. For the early moments, supporters can check out the rough drawings, get high res copies of the finished piece and PSD’s. I’ve even added a few line drawing commissions for the top-tier supporters because they’re fun and quick to do. Should this prove to go over well I want to add voting on future pics, raffles, and contests for full commissions. Of course, the final pics will always be free to everyone to enjoy once they are done.

I think this can be fun for both us, but to be honest… I’m a bit scared. I don’t want to alienate fans. I want to deliver art and have fun doing it while proving a little something extra. So if you’re interested, come on over and show your support! Let’s make some art together and have some fun along the way.

Dec 26 2014

Christmas Spa Ponies

I know, I know… it’s past Christmas. I didn’t have time to finish this up until this evening. December vacation, family visits and the holidays put it on the back burner. Better late then never right? I hope everyone had a good holiday season this year. Mine was pretty sweet and I’ll make a post about it when I get some time. Still got some family to visit this weekend. After that I should be getting my time back to start drawing pictures again. How I miss it so! Since the summer time I’ve also been thinking of starting a Patreon. The fight I have going on in my head about it is how to not lock up my art. I never want to do that. I’ve been making my art free to view for so long now I can’t imagine doing that. What I’m thinking though is using it for allowing for a higher level of interaction with the people. That way those that wish, can help decide what gets drawn next. I might use it as a way to keep track of commissions too. There is a lot to think about, but other artists have made it successful and I’d like to as well.

Until then, please enjoy some spa ponies. I’ve been wanting to draw these two for some time now. I hope I did them justice.

Dec 6 2014

Festive Drawing Time

I’m currently working on a holiday pic. It’s a pony piece and an idea I’ve wanted to draw for a while. I hope to have it done soon, but this time of year is super hectic. It might have to be an after holiday pic. So I figured I’d share a tease pic. It’s just me, my Tink mug full of hot chocolate and a naughty pony pic this evening. Yup, things are pretty good.