Dec 6 2014

Festive Drawing Time

I’m currently working on a holiday pic. It’s a pony piece and an idea I’ve wanted to draw for a while. I hope to have it done soon, but this time of year is super hectic. It might have to be an after holiday pic. So I figured I’d share a tease pic. It’s just me, my Tink mug full of hot chocolate and a naughty pony pic this evening. Yup, things are pretty good.

Nov 25 2014

Lily Bovine

One more request pic going up. Someone offered to help me out with some Tumblr issues. The theme was totally broken and I could do nothing to fix it. Unfortunately, a solution could not be found but I offered a request pic for them giving me their time. Thanks again! I hope I did Lily Bovine here proper justice. I never watched Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa so I don’t know the characters. I do know of it, but I guess it wasn’t in my rotation of shows during the 90’s. She is a cutie though and I do like some lactation because I’m a freak like that. ^_^

Nov 21 2014

Kohina Request!

Third request Pokemon code up and done! This one was for a SFW picture of Kohina From Kokkuri-san. I have no idea who this character is, but she was described to me as an emotionless little girl who eats cup ramen. So that’s what I delivered. I do enjoy doing these little request pics  as a trade for things or services. What say you guys? Should something like this continue in the future?

Nov 18 2014

Cats n Cameras 2014 “Auditions” Drawing Contest!

Hello fine people! Just stopping by to let you all know that my host site The JAB Archives is doing a contest! The topic/theme would be the characters from Cat’s n Cameras web comic. You can see all the details on the contest right here including the CASH PRIZES!! So jump on in, crank out a pic and win yourself something awesome!

Nov 16 2014

Vidia Doodle

The other day I posted up my latest Tinkerbell pic on my Tumblr (It’s horribly ugly now by the way. Trying to get it fixed up… but Tumblr kinda sucks). And there was a lot of talk about seeing some Vidia, so I doodled her up. First time I’ve drawn her so I hope I did well. I like it and I think she would lots of fun to draw her and Tink together. ^_^

Nov 13 2014

Second Tinker Request!

Okay, so this is the second Pokemon code request pic and I gotta say, I love it when you people ask for more Tinkerbell (and friends). I really makes me feel like I’m doing something right with her. I’m so glad that others enjoy her and want to see more. You people rock! Only one more request pic to go.

In other news, I’ve been busy trying to sell the other side of my art. The stuff that isn’t naughty. I’ve put up shops at Red Bubble and Society 6 and even started up a fan art page to sell myself a bit better and try to make some extra money too. It’s going okay. Slow, but okay. I have also put more thought in to a Patreon. Other artists and fans have told me that I don’t have to have a monthly set up, I can have it by update which would be pretty good since I don’t create art as much as others. Still gonna think about it. If it happens it won’t be until after New Years.

All this selling myself and my art is difficult for me to do. I’ve always had a low self-confidence with regards to what I do. I’ve gotten better, but I generally feel like I would just be bothering people with a Patreon or even doubt people would support me. I read an article the other day about how to be a “selfish artist”. That is, how to sell and talk about yourself to make you sound interesting without sounding like a jerk. Setting up the online shops for the SFW stuff is a big step for me. I hope it all turns out well.

Oops, sorry for hijacking this post for personal stuff. Any way… look! More naughty  Tinkerbell! Yeah baby… ^_^