Nov 18 2015

Sawyer’s Butt Toys

Every cat has to have some toys to play with. ^_^

Nov 12 2015

Late Halloween Rewards

Or am I just early for next year? Regardless, I got to try my hand at some Halloween pictures for the people at the Patreon. Sexy, spooky is my kind of Halloween. ^_^

Nov 5 2015

Ro and Sled

I let the Patreon community offer their ideas for the next characters I should draw up. Lots of fantastic ideas. I should be able to pick more than a few from the list. This time I went with the suggestion of Rosetta and her beau Sled. I’m quite happy with the way they look very much emotionally tied to each other rather than a sex romp. Makes it hotter in my opinion.

Want to be a part of helping to choose future pictures? Please add your support over at my Patreon.

Oct 25 2015

Naughty Nun… not naughty like Roxanne though… the other naughty.

A requested pic from the top-tier of the Patreon. This here is someone’s succubus futa. This little succubus like to dress up from time to time and what better Halloween costume for her then a naughty nun? I think there’s none better. Zing!

Oct 13 2015

Learn About Me Monday – Games I Don’t Play

One thing that I’m always strangely interested in, is the games others don’t play. By that I mean the games we buy but never get around to playing or never finish for one reason or another. We get all excited for a certain title only to be let down, get distracted by another new game, find that we have to time to play or any other reason we can think of. I’ve got a long list of them that I am trying to get through. Splatoon is my current game of choice, but I’ve decided to put it on a bit of break (just a bit) to play through my long list of neglected games. Let me run through all the ones I can think of.

Currently Playing

Spider-man play set for Disney Infinity – WiiU

Rayman Origins – 3DS

Just Completed

Guacamelee – WiiU

Stealth Inc 2 – WiiU

Yoshi’s Island (GBA on 3DS)

Neglected Games

Toy Story pay set for Disney Infinity – WiiU

Guardians of the Galaxy play set for Disney  Infinity – WiiU

Zelda: Skyward Sword – Wii

Batman: Arkham Origins – WiiU

No More Hero’s – Wii

Started, Never Finished

Zombi U – WiiU

Assassins Creed III – WiiU

Monster Hunter 3 – Wii

Metroid Prime: Corruption – Wii

Metal Gear Solid 3 – 3DS

Pokemon Sapphire – 3DS

Disgaea – DS

Pokemon White 2 – DS

Ico – PS2

Katamari Damacy – PS2

I think there’s more, but I can’t remember them right now. The reason I’ve neglected them is I just haven’t had the time. Once I had kids, all my game time went out the window. That or it’s because I will not play a violent game around my kids. Cartoon violence is okay, but not the  realistic stuff. I’m slowly chipping my way through it all though.

What games do you have in your neglected game library?

Oct 12 2015

Knotty Roxanne

That title joke still works and I’m sure I’ll use it in the future. This picture might even be too naughty for Tumblr, so I’m only posting it up here for you blog fans. So live it up and enjoy because after the first Roxanne and K9 picture, I was asked to do another. I was happy to make that wish come true.