Oct 14 2014

Updated Rough

I took a look at that rough I did a while back and though… I can do better.  So I did. I lowered the perspective a bit and I like it a whole lot more.  BAM!

Oct 10 2014

Original Pony Commission

This time I got to work on someones original pony character. I might not draw them often, but I do love drawing ponies. ^_^

Oct 8 2014

Tinker Correction

I cleaned up some more Tinkerbell pics! Someone pointed out to me that the rough drawing of this one is missing something. Her wings!! I can’t believe I missed something like that! Tink isn’t Tink with out her wings. Well with these new cleaned up pics, that has been corrected. I’m so embarrassed I posted something like that and never noticed the mistake.

Oct 4 2014

Tinker Candy

The other day I was going though the left over candy in the back of the cupboard. All the candy that the kids received during the course of the year and then quietly forgotten. In the search I found this pack of Pixie Hollow candy and since I’m a lover of Tink and friends I just had to check them out. Looks wise they’re pretty good. Except Iridessa (yellow) has bangs like Tinkerbell… which isn’t right at all. These are the only ones I have left. I ate the rest. They were okay… not great candies. But now I’m at the point that if I eat the remaining figures… I’ll have no more. Sad times… sad times.

I’m a freak.

Oct 2 2014

Rough Pony Commission

Working on a couple of things at a time. Here is one of them. A little pony booty… er… a large pony booty. ^_^

Oct 1 2014

More Tinker Lines

Cleaned up another Tinkerbell set. These came out quite nice I must say. Even the non nude ones are super cute. ^_^