Jul 12 2015

Merida Being Knotty

Oh my… what have I drawn this time. A certain supporter over at the Patreon has given me full permission to draw what I wished this month, so I went the full distance. Both of us are very pleased with the out come. On a serious note, I think I draw my best and closest rendition of Merida yet. For those interested in her being less knotty, I have that as well.

Jul 3 2015

Iridessa in the Sun

Ahhh… to have the warmth of the summer sun shine down on you. ^_^

This is the first I’ve ever drawn Iridessa. She’s one of the fairies that doesn’t get much screen time which is a shame. I do like her a lot. I hope you all do too.

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Jun 15 2015

Learn About Me Monday – Disney Freak

So, as some of you might have guessed, I’m a pretty big fan if Disney  arts. What you might not know is that I wasn’t always a fan. In fact, back in college I down right detested everything that Disney did or had done. Why you might ask? Well it wasn’t just me. Most of my animation class had the same kind of stance. We hated the establishment because we thought we where better and because they sat at the top of the heap. I opinion of them didn’t change much. It did go from a hate to a “I couldn’t care less” kind of attitude. Once I had kids, my wife brought Disney back in to our lives with the Aristocats. I kept my  opinions to myself, but the more I watched the more I started to soften up. It wasn’t until Tangled was released that I changed my view entirely. I remember coming out of the theater in total awe. I was so incredibly moved by the story, the colour pallets, the characters, the designs and of course, the animation. It was like my eyes opened to the creativity that went in to these features. I felt like such a fool. This whole time… I just hated a name. I took no issues with other animation studios, just Disney and the Disney name. Back when I was a kid I loved watching Disney stuff. Ducktails, Darkwing Duck, Tail Spin and the rest of the Disney line up. I loved Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast too. I threw it all away and decided to turn my nose on what I thought was a huge corporate machine the killed creativity.

I’m sure that others out there will tell me that is exactly what Disney is. I will say that, yes… Disney at the end of the day is business and business has to make money. But for them to make that money, they need creative people like you and me. Business people make the gears turn, but with out gears, there is nothing. That’s how I view it anyway. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the matter.

Since then, been reading all kinds of Disney books. I was shocked to learn that all the techniques and innovations that I was taught in college for Classical Animation, was first done by Disney and his team. That he looked to his animation staff to become the first imagineers for the parks and that Walt Disney himself was an animator with vision and goals. It’s truly amazing what he dreamed up for us all to enjoy.

Now that my opinion has totally flipped and I’ve been to Disney World more than a few times. I would love to see me get my art in the galleries in the parks and on merch too. That would be fantastic. Drawing such naughty art of said characters though I think would be a stain on my art career and the one thing that stops me from trying. Not that I would ever show or mention it of course. Maybe one day I’ll give it a shot. I think I would drop to my knees and cry if I ever got the chance to have fan art hung in the park galleries for people to see. Maybe one day.

Jun 14 2015

Gadget Hackwrench, as cute as ever!

I remember drawing Gadget a whole lot when I was in my youth.One of my first cartoon crushes in fact. So glad I was able to draw her up again with the same level of cuteness as always. ^_^

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Jun 5 2015

Tink and Fawn Sharing a Moment

Phew… I had to take a break from Splatoon and remind myself to post this up and probably draw a bit before I head to bed. This time I’ve put Tink and Fawn sharing a moment together. While it’s fun to draw super naughty, nasty porn with lots of fluids, I must say I’m enjoying these latest ones that are a bit more on the sensual side. I hope that others have liked them too. ^_^

May 12 2015

Patreon Request – Merida and Angus pt2

Oh my… what have I drawn this time. Such naughtiness.