Jan 13 2012

2 4 1 commission progress – pt 1

So remember that two for one commission call out I did a while back?  Well, I’ve finally got a moment to start it up.  I also got back in touch with the commissioner (who wishes to remain unnamed) and they said it was totally cool to post the progress of the commission.  This way everyone can have a first hand look as to how a commission works when you get one from me.  Now, the first commission was to be a demon type girl.  I’m totally free to make up the species, look and so forth… which is very cool in my books.  So the first thing I do is provide the commissioner with a bunch of rough poses to pick from.  You can see them above.  Once they get back to me I’ll start doing up a larger rough.  Would you like to see which one they picked?  Click to find out. Continue reading