May 3 2012

Random Bunny?

So the other day  I was going through all my PSD’s looking to delete things that I don’t need any more when I came across this bunny sketch.  She looks cute, but beyond that… I don’t remember anything about her.  I don’t know if I had plans for this character or anything.  I don’t even remember drawing her to be honest. o_O She wasn’t in with the commissioned PSD’s so I know she’s my own doodle.  Maybe I never had plans and I was only drawing for the heck of it.  I wish I could remember.  I guess the plus side is… I found a cute random bunny in all my drawings.  I guess I shouldn’t complain. ^_^

Jan 30 2012

Pose Space

From time to time I make poses about pose-able statues, or 3d programs and such for artists.  Mostly because that little wooden model you can get in art stores is complete crap (seriously, they are a waste of your money).  But nothing beats a real, live model.  Nothing.  It’s the only way you’ll learn about muscle groups and proper proportions.

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