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February 7th 2024 - Welcome a new artist to TJA

Hello All,

    Long time no speak, I do want to thank you all for the support that has been provided, and allowed us to continue to offer artists a safe place to host their works with out fear of censorship and banning. With that, I'd love to welcome ColdFusion to the site. Be sure to check out their gallery and see what they have to offer!

~Cheetah out

Posted by: cheetah

April 5th 2023 - Well , you all don't read this anyway.

I remember when WWOEC closed everyone got no warning. I've reached out via email, twitter, and what ever other contact information an artist on this site has available. Some of our biggest and most active artists.. All of them have ignored me. So I'll post it here for the few of you who'll read this news area and out twitter.. Doing this isn't free... Doing it with questionable content is even harder. You've all watched Pixiv go balls up with their ban hammer, and every other site make it harder on artists.. I've keep this site up and running, working on moving to newer solutions software wise, but the licenses there have already raised exponentially, cPanel has raised their prices over 200% in the last 2 years.. each year... Hosting isn't cheap, and again with allowing you all to post what you want , it has to be on a Tier 1 , rack and be paid to basically be ignored... I've asked for help, I'm asking again. Reach out to the artists who post here, ask them to help raise at least some support for our subscribestar, or what ever at this point.. or honestly.. It's gonna go the way WWOEC did.. I can't keep doing this anymore.  You all can reach me on our discord server https://discord.com/invite/SfBjFFR or click the link at the top right of the page..  This is my official warning. ~Cheetah

Posted by: cheetah

February 2nd 2023 - Support Loss, and Overall server status


    Sadly we lost one of our longest and highest supporters on one of our support sites this month. I do hope they're okay, but it does but us in quite a bind. Right now, on subscribestar https://subscribestar.adult/tjapalsupport  and the "OTHER" support site we're heavily down from what was keeping us afloat, to now losing nearly 70% of out monthly support.  We've kept the site up for nearly 3 decades, and if you're one of those users who's enjoyed it during that time , We're asking quite seriously for your support in helping us keep the site up more. Hosting fee's have risen nearly 45% in the last 8 months cause companies are pricing up software licenses and rack space as companies start to condense. We really don't have a secondary source of income since we had to close the store years ago. With out your help we'll eventually run out of the ability to keep the servers up and running.  If you don't like subscribestar, or would like to know our alternate sites/methods of support contact us at support@jabarchives.com and we'll let you know everything we can. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
~TJA Admin

Posted by: cheetah

January 27th 2023 - Please welcome Hentaiboy to the TJA Galleries!

We would like to welcome Hentaiboy to TJA, They've put up the first of their art galleries, make sure to check them out, leave a comment , remember if you'd looking for a safe and stable place to display your works you can always contact us here by registering and using the "Request Upgrade" ,  or Joining our discord!   https://discord.gg/SfBjFFR

Posted by: cheetah

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