octopussy- post 146

How many arms does a octopus have? Eight you say? Really? Are you sure? Well… what about this!

When I saw this I was really freaked out. Like… I didn’t want to look but I wanted to at the same time. I thought maybe it was due to some pollution in the water or human intervention, but according to the article, scientist have no explanation. At best they think it’s due to the arms growing back awkwardly after an injury.

Here’s a little Joe fact: I love Giant Squids and Octopi. I think they’re the coolest animals out there. I do research on them from time to time. Like, did you know that their are some Octopi that actually walk around on the ocean floor on two arms?


I even dream about them sometimes. My most memorable one is of me lost and trying to tread water in the middle of the night in a storming black ocean when up come a giant mech squid. It was about 10 stories tall, but I wasn’t scared. I just floated there and stared at it and all it’s marvel.

It was awesome. Maybe one day I’ll try and incorporate it in to some game concept like a boss or some thing.

Anyone out there have a favorite animal species?

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