dome home – post 165

If you don’t know by now, I’m a very eco friendly person.  I do all I can to help with the environment in my everyday life.  I’ve bought all energy saving appliances and recently had our furnace and AC up graded to energy saving models as well.  Proper windows, shingles and even flapperless toilets.  Well, I found a house that fits my way of life.  I showed it to my wife and she loves it too.  It’s houses made out of polystyrene.  Isn’t that cool? ^_^

Not only is it a house made out of expanded polystyrene, but it’s in the shape of a dome and can be constructed in about 3 hours and pieces can be carried by 3 people.  How awesome is that?  You can mix and match the sections to make just about any layout you want.  On top of all this, there is little waste in making the dome houses and they’re super energy efficient to heat and cool.  And the basic models start at $30,000.

Looking at them you might think they not that spacious but really, how much space to we need.  The more space you have the more you’ll just fill it up with things we don’t really need.

I’m digging it.  My wife and I agree that if we could buy up some land and have this built there then we would to it.  Maybe some time in the future we’ll be able to since it doesn’t look like this is an international thing and more of a Japan only concept.

But man, I’m so on board with these houses.  What do you think?

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