My towel is too small

Ta dah!  What’s this you ask?  Why just some random pixels.  Actually, this here is represents what I do for a career.  No, not sexy pictures (well, that too I guess).  I push pixels and I’ve been doing so for about 10 years.  Oh sure, I can paint and illustrate too, but my true love is old school graphics.   I’ve never done a pixel illustration for my blog, so I thought it might be fun to try it out.  I think my random squirrel came out pretty adorable.  I might just have to try others too.  I think Ping and Pong would look so cute like this.

One thing that I don’t have though is a pixel  blog/site.  I know there are other pixel artists that have galleries (Paul Robertson, Kenneth Fejer), but I never felt compelled to so the same and reach pixel fame on the internet.  All my pixels can only been seen in the games I’ve made.  Oh, and just so everyone knows, this image here is scaled up 200% so you can see it better.  Here it is at it’s original size.

I keep a survival kit on my desk.  What is this kit called?

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