i can see your thoughts – post 288

The other day I posted about a dream I had.  Usually I’m left wondering… how cool would it be to view my dream in the waking world rather then just trying to remember it.  Well, the ability to do that is closer then you think.

Scientists from Japan have developed new brain analysis technology that allows images from the brain to be shown on a computer monitor.  How freak’n crazy is that?  Apparently it has something to do with monitoring the cerebral blood flow using a fancy MRI machine.  Subjects where shown 400 different 10×10 black and white pixel images all the while the MRI tracked the blood flow.  Later in anoher test the subjects where shown the letters N-E-U-R-O-N and well… see for yourself.

Right now the technology can only read black and white images but you know that they’re working towards colour images.  Infact, they’re suggesting that in about 10 years we might be able to see another persons thoughts.  This sort of technology is going to greatly benifit those in the Doctor fields when treating people with brain damage or psyological issues.  Artists will also benifit seeing as how what ever they thing in thier haed can just be displayed right in front of them.  Man, I’ve wished for that kind of gagetry on more then one occasion.

So once again we see science fiction become science fact.  One wonders what else we’ll see in our life time.

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