Jan 7 2014

3D Chrsitmas Tink

What a great Christmas gift I received the other day.  A great fan out there took it upon themselves to 3D-ify my candy cane tink.  Not only that, but he’s made it so you can view it on your 3DS (note: having issues getting the 3DS version to work from my site. You can still go to his site and get the .mpo file for your 3DS though)!  You can also go to his site and check a neat gif to show you the 3D if you can’t do the magic eye thing.

Thanks Humbird!

Oct 29 2011

Lily the squee in 3D!!!

So here’s the deal, I love stereoscopic images.  I’ve been messing around with doing some and finally figured I’d give one of my pics a try.  So now I present you with Lily in THREEE DEEEEE!!!

(it’s the kind where you have to cross your eyes a bit and make the two images overlap as one.  Not everyone can do it, so don’t feel bad if you can’t).

I might make this an image for the 3DS too for all us 3DS owners out there. ^_^